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The 252 counties and parishes served by the Delta Regional Authority make up one of the most distressed areas of the country, facing profound challenges in health, education and infrastructure. Created and funded by the Delta Regional Authority to foster regional collaboration and leadership capacity building, the Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy trains and engages leaders like you to improve the economic and social viability of the Delta.

EXCELLENCE. The annual Executive Academy is comprised of 50 participants from across the Delta. These diverse leaders represent business, government, education, non-profit organizations, communities, economic development entities and the faith community. Participants are selected by the governors of the eight Delta states and the Federal Co-Chairman of the Delta Regional Authority.

ENRICHMENT. Executive Academy members travel to destinations in the Delta and Washington, D.C., over the course of a year. These sessions feature workshops on Delta challenges and opportunities as well as visits to local organizations that exemplify collaboration and innovation. These six sessions will give participants the opportunity to engage in advocacy training, case study discussion, and on-the-ground field studies of priority issue areas for the region including Workforce Training and Education, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Public Health, Transportation, and Basic Public Infrastructure.

ENHANCEMENT. The Executive Academy is the ideal environment in which to develop deep relationships with other regional leaders and extend cross-border and cross-sector partnerships that can benefit all involved. Since 2005, the DRA’s Delta Leadership Institute has worked to improve the decisions made by community leaders across the Delta by broadening their understanding of regional issues, building a corps of alumni that have a regional and national perspective, developing a toolkit of resources for addressing issues facing their local communities, and providing the training and professional development needed to extend the pipeline of skilled local leadership within our Delta communities.

COMMITMENT. Executive Academy members participate in readings and other out-of-class assignments and demonstrate mastery of specific leadership competencies. Full collaboration on projects and case studies is expected, as is mutual accountability with peers. Members must be able to minimize competing demands from work and home. Participation in all sessions is required and if unable to comply, you are asked to wait to apply for a future academy.

Check out these testimonial videos from last year’s class and learn about the many ways the DLI Executive Academy can provide you with the training, resources, and networking tools you need to make a positive impact in your Delta community!



If you are interested in taking part in next year's class, pleasen contact to be notified when the submission process opens for the 2017-2018 Executive Academy.