About the Delta Leadership Network

The Delta Leadership Network comprises all alumni of the Executive Academy and is tasked with maintaining these relationships among regional leaders so as to foster regional collaboration, resource sharing, and continued education to support addressing the Delta’s most pressing issues.

Members of the Delta Leadership Network continue their engagement with the Delta Leadership Institute through state meetings, an annual Delta Leadership Network conference, and continued engagement with new cohorts of the Executive Academy. The Network, now 500-strong, is coordinated in partnership with the DLI university partners, who maintain the DLN directory, produce a monthly newsletter, support the Regional Advisory Council, and coordainte programming and logsitics for the DLN conference. 

For more information, contact the Arkansas State University's Delta Center for Economic Development staff.

If you are a DLN member, get to know your state's representatives on the DLN Regional Advisory Council

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DLN Annual Conference

Each year the Delta Leadership Network convenes its membership for a conference that provides new learning opportunities, a field experience, and networking to maintain the regional collaboration and resource sharing that make the Network so important to its members. The conference always takes place during the first full week of February.

The 2018 annual conference, "Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Next Generation Delta Workforce," was held in Memphis, TN. It featured keynote Chris Winton, Vice President of Human Resources at FedEx Services, and a lineup of speakers representing programs across the eight states of the Delta region that are helping to advance their region's workforce competitivenes. This was directly in line with DRA's first regional development plan goal: Improving Workforce Competitiveness.

Information about the 2019 annual conference will be posted in the coming months.

Authentic Leadership Executive Education Opportunity

One of the objectives of the Delta Leadership Network is to foster continued education for Delta leaders. In support of this objective, Delta Regional Authority and the Delta Leadership Institute has offered three continuing education training opportunities in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government exclusively to the Delta Leadership Network.

The Authentic Leadership executive education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is designed and led by Harvard faculty, and focuses on cutting edge leadership principles in the U.S. More information on Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education can be found at https://exed.hks.harvard.edu/

More information about upcoming executive education opportunities for DLN members will be posted in the months ahead.