Regional Advisory Council

The Delta Leadership Network’s members are led by an elected volunteer Regional Advisory Council, which includes two members from each state and a council chair, chosen from the past year’s RAC to lead the Council. The RAC supports DLI staff in planning and executing the DLN Annual Conference each year and drive state meetings and activities throughout the year that support DLN’s mission of continuing education, information sharing, and collaboration beyond the DLI experience. RAC state representatives are important points of contact for DLN members in their state to learn about DLI and DLN activities.


Gena Robbins

Class of: 2016
Mayor, City of York
(205) 392-5231

Winfield Ezell Jr.

Class of: 2017
CEO, Obsidian Creative Studios
(205) 799-9456


Bevin Hunter

Class of: 2016
Director of Economic Development, City of Wilson

Kay Brockwell

Class of: 2008
CEO/Owner, Future Focus Development Solutions
(501) 762-5091


Chair: Jennifer Olson

Class of: 2016
Interim Director, Carbondale Chamber of Commerce
(618) 925-3835

Andrew Sisulak

Class of: 2017
Director of Marketing, Baysinger Architects
(618) 993-8250


Chris Wooldridge

Class of: 2016
West Kentucky District Director, Murray State Small Business Development Center
(270) 809-2856

Mark Lee

Class of: 2016
President, Paragon Development Consultants
(270) 452-1400


Berry Balfour

Class of: 2013
Government Relations, Balfour Law Group
(225) 620-6055

AJ Walker

Class of: 2017
Project Manager, Louisiana Economic Development
(256) 679-9341


Josh Bower

Class of: 2016
Work-based Learning Coordinator, Hinds Community College
(601) 432-6519

Mani Hairston

Class of: 2017
Chief Operating Officer, Billy’s Original Foods
(601) 501-1444


T.R Dudley

Class of: 2015
Mayor, City of Potosi
(573) 210-8521

Samantha Rodgers

Class of: 2017
Project Coordinator, Ozark Foothills Regional Planning Commission
(573) 785-6402


Landy Fuqua

Class of: 2016
Director, Regional Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (REED) Center
(731) 587-7333

Travis Martin

Class of: 2016
Principal, TLM Associates, Inc.
(731) 988-9840